Terms and Condition

Scope and Acceptance
  • This Agreement applies to every contract for the sale of goods or services by Cymplexmedia to the Customer, unless Cymplexmedia agrees otherwise in writing.
  • Any written quotation provided by Cymplexmedia to the Customer concerning the proposed supply of goods or services is: (a) valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation;
  • not an offer to sell, and no order placed by the Customer in response to any quotation will bind Cymplexmedia unless and until such order is accepted by Cymplexmedia, acting in its absolute discretion.
  • This Agreement is accepted by the Customer once the Customer places an order with Cymplexmedia for goods or services. No purported cancellation or suspension of an order (or any part of an order) by the Customer is binding on Cymplexmedia after that order has been accepted by Cymplexmedia.
  • This Agreement is accepted by Cymplexmedia when Cymplexmedia confirms its acceptance of an order in writing or electronic means or provides the Customer with the goods or services. All quotations are subject to withdrawal or variation by Cymplexmedia at any time prior to Cymplexmedia’s acceptance of an order by notice in writing to the Customer.
Pricing structure for goods and services
Payment terms for goods and services
Legal title to the goods pass to the Customer
Delays in delivery of goods and services
Return or exchange the goods or services
Cymplexmedia’s liability to the Customer
Intellectual property associated with the goods and services
Agreement terminate